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ESSA Financial Transparency Reporting Requirements

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Communication about ESSA within a well-coordinated communication system.

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Sets agency direction, organizes for productive management, tracks progress, and encourages innovation. View events, projects, and resources.

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The BSCP Center Strategic Communications Toolbox provides state education agencies (SEAs) a framework for developing effective communication strategies or processes—resulting in clear, aligned, and proactive communication tied to your SEA’s vision, mission, goals, and strategies. The communication strategies can be integrated into an existing plan or used to create a new communications plan if you don’t already have one.


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New! Financial Transparency and Reporting Videos


The BSCP Center is pleased to present video clips from the Equity Implication of Financial Transparency panel. The panel was part of a meeting to support State Education Agencies (SEA) and Local Education Agencies (SEA) in their financial transparency requirements for Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).


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Strategic Performance for Your Branch


When the whole organization—SEA or LEA—implements strategic performance management, the role of every division and strand is included. But what can the leader of a division or strand do when the agency as a whole is not ready to adopt the performance management methodology? Can the leader apply strategic performance management methods to a division within an agency or a strand of work that spans divisions? We propose that the leader can, and furthermore, doing so will plant the seeds for building an agency-wide system.

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Arkansas Out Front with SPM

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The SPM Journey in Kansas

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