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Dean Nafziger, Ph.D., Director

The Building State Capacity and Productivity Center (BSCP Center) assists state education agencies (SEAs) throughout the country as they adapt to constrained fiscal resources and increased demands for greater productivity.

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BSCP Center and the Every Student Succeeds Act

The BSCP Center assists states in their transition to ESSA and in planning new directions given ESSA’s call for greater state autonomy.  Learn more about our targeted and expert technical assistance in communication, productivity, and performance by hovering over the above images.


Maximizing Opportunities Under ESSA


In this sixth volume the SEA of the Future, Maximizing Opportunities Under ESSA, reputable scholars explore how states can 1) craft accountability systems that can drive continuous improvement system wide, and 2) redefine their role in supporting educators, schools, and districts.


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Casting a Statewide Strategic Performance Net


A strategic approach to performance management fits neatly in this new organizational environment. Ideal for organizing people and their work in one entity (SEA, LEA, or school), strategic performance management is equally suited to a multi-organization system where interlaced data and responsive supports are critical. A state system of support is such a system.

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Arkansas Out Front with SPM

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The SPM Journey in Kansas

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