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BSCP Advisory Board

The BSCP Advisory Board functions to steer Center goals, objectives, and technical assistance strategies.  It identifies critical issues and needs in the field for supporting SEAs across the country to improve students' performance through effective performance management and productivity approaches within the context of constrained resources.

Board Member: Phyllis Hudecki, Chairman

Title: Secretary of Education

Location: Oklahoma

Experience: State Official responsible for Elementary and Secondary Education; Business


Dr. Hudecki is a governor-appointed secretary in OK, and, as such, works closely with NGA. She served on the SW REL Board for seven years, and she has worked in a number of research and development organizations including the Center for Vocational Education at the University of California, Berkley. Until her recent appointment she was Executive Director of the Oklahoma Business Education Council.

Board Member: Beth Howard Brown

Title: Center Director

Location: Southeast CC at SEDL

Experience: Regional Educational agency


Ms. Brown is the recently appointed Center Director for the Southeast CC. Prior to that she was the RC lead for South Carolina. She has expressed high interest in working with the BSCP Center.

Board Member: Matt Gandel

Title: President, Education Strategy Group

Location: Washington DC

Experience: Policymaker; Researcher


Matt brings a diverse set of experiences that together provide a well informed perspective about the capacity requirements for SEAs today. He was the Director for Technical Assistance and Support in ED during a time when the current Centers were contemplated, a long-time executive at Achieve, and at AFT before that.

Board Member: Richard Laine

Title: Director, Education Division, NGA Center for Best Practices

Location: Washington DC

Experience: Policymaker


Recommended by NGA

Board Member: Gary VanLaningham

Title: Director, Results First, Pew Center on the States

Location: Washington DC

Experience: Researcher


Gary is director of the Results First initiative at the Pew Center on the States. He manages Pew’s work to advance the use of cost-benefit analysis and to cultivate a climate for evidence-based decision-making that can enable states to eliminate ineffective programs and shift resources to those that generate the best outcomes.

Board Member: Ryan Wise

Title: Director of Strategic Initiatives, Iowa Department of Education

Location: Iowa City, IA

Experience: State Education Agency


Recommended by CCSSO

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