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Topics addressed by the Solutions publications result from specific questions about implementing processes, procedures, and the use of tools. Instead of suggesting a topic, an SEA or Regional Center could ask a question or series of related questions that may be considered for a future Solutions publication. The writing of the Solutions paper may result from engagement with one or more SEAs and Regional Centers and these participants may be involved in sharing ideas for the final document. SEAs and Regional Centers are encouraged to specify in their request if their question is about cross-regional concerns or involve only a particular region or SEA. The topics selected for Solutions publications are questions that are determined to be of high impact and relevance to the work of all, or many, Regional Centers and SEAs.

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  • Solutions Issue 8 - States Chart New Directions for Education with a Little Help From Their Friends

  • Solutions Issue 7 - Talent Pipeline Management in Education

    Issue 7 addresses the question “What can we learn from business and industry to address the educator equity gap,” by reviewing the educator equity challenge through the lens of  “supply chain management.”  To help SEAs, districts, and schools fill critical positions with the right talent, this issue borrows from effective business practice to consider how this demand-driven approach can address barriers that foster inequitable teacher distribution.


  • Solutions Issue 6 - Summary of States' Strategies for ESEA Priority Schools

    This 226 page report addresses how states identify Priority schools, what supports are provided, and criteria for exiting Priority status. It addresses the questions: How are ESEA Priority schools identified? What support does the state provide for Priority Schools? What triggers are used for schools existing Priority status? Do Focus schools that fail to improve become designated as Priority schools?


  • Solutions Issue 5 - SEA Strategic Communications

    Issue 5 addresses the question, “How can you best use my limited communications resources to productively engage with the diverse and disparate stakeholder groups that include legislators, business leaders, and parents to support the implementation of education reforms?” Also reference its related Supplement.


  • Solutions Issue 4 - Functional Coherence in the State Education Agency: A Structure for Performance Management

    Issue 4 answers the questions: How does a state education agency (SEA) create an organizational structure that fosters an environment for performance management that continuously improves outcomes?


  • Solutions Issue 3 - The Chief Performance Officer in Education

    Issue 3 answers the question: How does establishing the role of a Chief Performance Officer assist the Chief State School Officer in driving continuous improvement within the state agency?


  • Solutions Issue 2 - Summary of States Strategies and Consequences for ESEA Focus Schools

    Issue 2 answers the question: What are states, which have been granted ESEA waivers, doing to assist focus schools and what consequences will be imposed if focus schools fail to improve?


  • Solutions Issue 1 - Transforming the SEA into a Modern Performance Organization

    Issue 1 answers the question: How does the new Building State Capacity and Productivity Center differentiate between Performance Management and Project Management?


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