Systems of Recognition, Accountability,

and Support

Systems of Recognition, Accountability, and Support (SRAS)


Each SEA brings its own structure, tradition, and history to the task of improving education. The SRAS Performance Management Rubric provides a framework within which many different strategies may fulfill the same purpose rather than a model for a system to support local education agencies (LEAs) and schools.

The SRAS Performance Management Rubric is included in the BSCP publication Managing Performance in the System of Support. The rubric includes 52 essential indicators for the SRAS. The rubric is not a compliance monitoring process, a rating system, or a means of comparing one state’s system with another. Rather, the state’s profile that is produced from using the performance management rubric informs an SEA’s immediate planning process by determining which indicators have priority status and are manageable. The SEA’s profile also provides focus for questioning how the variety of national Content Centers and the state’s own RCC can provide technical assistance.


Technical Assistance from the BSCP Center


The BSCP Center, in conjunction with a regional comprehensive center, will provide technical assistance to a state education agency to conduct a self-assessment of its SRAS using the SRAS Performance Management Rubric. The technical assistance goes beyond a self-assessment, to assist the state team in identifying areas in need of improvement, developing improvement plans, and monitoring progress.

Edvance Research, Inc. (Edvance) and the Academic Development Institute (ADI) have adapted ADI’s Indistar® web-based planning and implementation tool for use by SEA teams with the SRAS Performance Management Rubric. This new system improvement tool, IndiSEA™, facilitates the important movement beyond initial assessment toward construction of a more effective SRAS. It is a project management system that enables the SEA to make the changes it desires in an efficient manner.


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Managing Performance Project (PDF)

 A one-page project overview

November 2013 Letter from the Director (PDF)

Includes an update on the work of the project

IndiSEA Online SRAS System Improvement Tool (PPt)

An overview of  IndiSEA

Using the BSCP Center Performance Rubric (PDF)

Assess and improve performance management of a State System of Recognition, Accountability and Support.

SRAS Technical Assistance Guide (PDF)

Technical Assistance for SRAS Performance Rubric

SRAS - Partnering with RCCs and SEAs (PPt)

A guide for providing Technical Assistance to SEAs in assessing and improving their System for Recognition, Accountability, and Support

Managing Performance in the System of Support (PDF)

 A rubric with 52 indicators, explanations, and exemplars

No More Random Acts (PDF)

 A report of BSCP's technical assistance to the state of Virginia

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