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Strategic Communications



The Toolbox is based on the BSCP Strategic Communications Framework to help SEAs increase their capacity to support statewide education reform through coherent communication processes. The modules in the toolbox are designed to provide guidance, examples from the field, and tools for SEAs to use no matter where they are in their communication planning process.

The six modules include:


1. It’s All About the Plan: Centralizing and Planning Strategic Communication

2. It’s All About Goals: Translating Goals into Key Messages

3. Getting Your Messages Right


4. Talking to Ourselves: Creating Effective Internal Communications

5. Talking to Others: Creating Effective External Communications

6. Making It Work: Implementing Your Strategic Communications Plan

Key Concepts about Strategic Communications

• Centralized, systemic, proactive, approach driven by processes

• Translates agency goals into clear actions

• Designed to gain stakeholder understanding, input, and support

• Disseminates information from “the inside out”

• Connects policy to implementation


What Will Regional Centers and State Education Agencies Gain from the webinar series?

• Learn how to use the Toolbox to develop new or enhance existing strategic communications plans and processes.

• Hear and ask questions about strategic communication approaches from experienced SEA leaders and communications experts.

• Gain additional support from Regional Comprehensive Centers and the Building State Capacity and Productivity Center


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